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DataRecovery Service

If you appear to have missing files or have accidentally deleted files,Immediately Turn Off Your Device. Then contact MyMammothTech for a quote.

Losing data is never a choice, but when it happens you can count on MyMammothTech to recover your data. Call us and our knowledgeable technicians are ready to help.

Our mission is to successfully recover your data as safely and quickly as possible, and to provide you with a stress-free experience. We offer service for small to medium-sized businesses and home users. If you’ve lost valuable, irreplaceable data… We can save it!

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Data Recovery Included Services

With our convenient service options and lightning fast repairs, we get you back to what's important.
With more service options than ever before, repair is closer than you think.

  • Free Diagnostics
  • Support 24x7x365
  • 90 Day Warranty
  • Repair Timeline
Silver Hard Drive Internals
Free Diagnostics
Every data recovery service at MyMammothTech starts with a free diagnostic exam, to find the root of the problem and allow the technician to determine the right repair path. Diagnostic exams are especially helpful if the problem with the device is unclear. Once the diagnostic exam is complete, the technician can explain all of your repair options and get started if you want to proceed.
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Support 24x7x365
MyMammothTech’s computer recovery process not only helps you find your lost files, but it also prevents you from losing them again. Our experienced technicians will provide the resources necessary to gather files and programs wiped out for whatever reason. In addition, we will transfer data to another source if the operating system has become corrupted, and also implement a backup solution for the future.
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90 Day Warranty
Yes, all repairs carry a 90 day parts defect warranty which means if you have any issues related to the repair within 90 days we will take care of it!

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Repair Timeline
Based on how your data was lost it could just take minutes or it could take hours. If MyMammothTech is not able to recover your data there is no charge. MyMammothTech works with Ontrack Data Recovery Service. They have unmatched expertise to solve the most complex data loss challenges. With 35 years of experience, 18 global laboratories, and a world-class engineering team, you can trust Ontrack to get the job done.
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