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About MyMammothTech

Who is MyMammothTech (aka Matt Taylor) and what do I do? An IT company with a passion for what I do. I make sure our clients get the best service I can provide...whether you employ 1 person or 50, our service to you is the same.

Since moving to Mammoth Lakes in 2009 and starting MyMammothTech in 2010, I have been going from strength to strength. I have customers I have supported since the company was formed; many of our new customers often come from recommendation and referral. I work to providing solutions for now and growth for the future. I treat every customer as an individual, I recognize that no two companies or individuals are the same and as such all have different requirements. I spend the time to get to know you and or your business, I provide support and consultancy and work closely with you to understand your requirements and provide the best solutions to meet your needs.

If you would like to take a look here is a copy of myResume.